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Damage Report For Insurance

Accidents happen and if your equipment is physically damaged with any internal malfunction or a cracked TV screen, we are your go-to TV repair experts to get the most comprehensive, quick and insurance accidental TV damage report for insurance claims. Equipment can be damaged internally or externally with a cracked TV screen or other physical damages due to:

  • Unpredictable weather like storms
  • Power surges
  • Water damages
  •  Moving / installing wrong handling of the
  • Toddlers throwing toys
  • Kids gaming with Wii, PS4, Xbox – remotes hitting the screen

All the above happen way too frequently and the repairs can cost you as much as a new equipment! However, suppose you had opted for accidental damage insurance. In that case, all you need to do is file an insurance accidental damage report by authorised repairs and service experts like us, Impulse Audio Visual, to claim your insurance and get a new TV or alternative compensation quickly and with minimum hassles. Impulse Audio Visual will help you to claim for TV insurance accidental damage with our industry-approved damage report for insurance claims.

Do you do TV damage reports?

Our expert TV repairs people will do a forensic analysis on the damage and provide an unbiased damage report for insurance claims. As an Authorised Service Centre (ASC), Impulse Audio Visual will assess the damage and compile comprehensive TV damage insurance repair report which can be submitted to the insurance company, enabling a fast-track claim & resolution for all parties.

Please give us a call on +61393174040 to or email arrange a damage report for insurance claims. Contact Us!

We work with most of the insurers in Australia and understand their requirements for claiming the insurance for accidental damage process. The insurers may also cover the cost of the damage report (please check with your policy & Insurer).

Reasons for choosing Impulse Audio Visual as your go-to Insurance damage report specialist.

  • Quick and same-day reporting: At IAV, we understand the emergency around damages and make sure to have our expert technician visit you on the same day to assess the situation and send out a TV insurance report within the same day for your benefit.
  • Easy reporting format: Most insurers want their damage report for insurance claims in easy PDF format mailed to them. That’s why our technicians also use the latest technology to make sure you receive the insurance damage report in an easy PDF format, which you can conveniently forward to get quick claims.
  • Complete assessment of all other TV-related equipment: When our experts visit your premise for insurance accidental damage reports, we don’t only do the TV but also other connected systems like the home theatre system, antenna, and others for similar damages.

Additionally, we can carry out assessments or reporting of most electronics’ equipment in your home, which may have been damaged from

Water damage
Electrical surges
Impulse Audio Visual have relationships with most of the major insurance companies and our reputation and integrity support the successful outcome of the claims we report.

Impulse Audio Visual has been servicing many areas in Melbourne for over 35 plus years, bringing trust and fair-priced TV and home appliances services. Over the years, we have built a credible reputation as the trusted insurance claims for accidental damage reports specialist in Melbourne.

You can speak to our friendly staff today by calling us at +61393174040 to get an insurance damage report.
Can you claim a broken TV on insurance?

Yes, it’s possible. If you have purchased TV insurance, then you are in a position to claim TV insurance for accidental damage by inclement weather, human errors of throwing remotes on TV. A cracked screen may be irreparable and choosing a TV repairs specialist for filing TV damage reports for insurance claims will help you get a NEW TV.

Accidental damage cover means the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment following any accidental physical damage caused by weather or other untoward incidents.

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