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Audio Visual Repairs In Melbourne

Impulse Audio Visual is here for all your audio-visual system and equipment needs. Our professional team of audio-visual repair experts assess, test, repair and service your equipment.

Our job is to ensure that your audio-visual systems is maintained to the level of standard & quality that you purchased the equipment for in the beginning.

You can talk to our friendly technicians to know more about your AV problems.

We repair & service a broad spectrum of equipment, supported by the manufacturers and as all you Audiophiles know the best equipment is not always the newest!

Why Us

When it comes to audio visual equipment repair, you can count on our experts. We offer customised repair solutions as per the diagnosis. With a team of technicians, we strive to deliver the best repair services while ensuring minimal disruption to you.

We service receivers/amps, tape/cd decks, record players, HIFI units, speakers, subs, soundbars, mixers, DJ equipment, Karaoke machines & projectors from the 70’s through to the present day.

Impulse Audio Visual provides one of the best audio-visual repair services in the country.

Repairing equipment used in professional studios to your first HIFI system.

A leading repair service in Melbourne that has trained and licensed professionals who will ensure that your audio-visual systems are running well.

Speak to our audio-visual experts by calling us at +61393174040 today.


What are the signs of a cracked TV screen?

A cracked tv screen is evident if you see discoloration in the picture , normally with black areas. There could be “spider cracks” pertaining direct from the impact or rainbow colours. Even though when you touch the screen on an LCD tv you would not feel any physical damage , this is because the LCD’s (liquid crystal display) is damaged behind the front cover of the screen. A repair is not possible , only replacement and this can cost anywhere between 70% upwards from the original purchase price of the tv . Only some manufacturers  have the part are available predominantly LG, Samsung & Sony but this is also dependent on availability. 

  • Image burn – dark marks on screen ; replace panel(screen) 
  • Image retention – writing i.e channel 7 logo in bottom right always there as faint imprint; replace panel(screen) 

  • Thin vertical lines normally relate to the pixels ; replace panel(screen) 

  • This occurrence happens when the panel or related part has failed , symptoms; 
  1. Dark screen when you turn on the tv – panel fault ; replace panel 
  2. Dark screen but when you look closely (can shine a torch at an angle) you can still see a dark image of the program  – back lights ; replace back lights / panel

  • Possible processing issue; check /replace main board 

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