Turntable Repair

Turn Table Repairs In Melbourne


Vinyl playback has seen a re-emergence as a way to listen to music, and it is not just amongst audiophiles. There is a renewed interest, and we see many customers keen on resurrecting their vintage record players and turntables. At Impulse Audio Visual, we provide all-inclusive record player repair services in Melbourne. We have over 30+ years of experience offering nuanced and fine expertise in repairing various audio and visual systems, including record player repairs. Whether you are looking for a trusted company for record player repairs or turnable repairs, we are here to assist you with our prompt service.

We offer a list of services designed to resurrect the record player with suitable repairs in Melbourne:

  • The motor parts, platter bearings, and other moving parts are thoroughly lubricated.
  • The stylus is checked for optimum performance, and suitable replacement options are advised.
  • Turntable repairs involve speed control cleaning and adjustments as well.
  • All cartridge and tonearm adjustments are checked and set.

Further, after we provide quality Turntable repairs in Melbourne, we also walk you through the basic care and maintenance that you could do yourself at home to ensure that your Turntable offers a pleasurable listening experience for many years to come. We are sure that our efficient services for Turntable repairs or turnable repairs will meet or exceed your expectations.Please give us a call at +61 393174040 to ask for Turntable repairs in Melbourne. Contact Us!


Whether you have all belt drive, rim drive, or direct drive turntables, our expert technicians will be able to offer the best-in-class turntable repairs and services in Melbourne. As audiophiles ourselves, we understand the deep sentiment and affections attached to turntables and wish to do justice in bringing them back to life. We take immense pride in our team’s capabilities in offering versatile turntables repairs services in Melbourne at honest prices.If you are wondering about the parts replacements during turntable repairs, then worry not.

We have a vast network of parts resources and can source and do expert fittings of all drive belts for various brands of turntables. In addition, we have the capabilities and resources to offer you exceptional turntable repairs in Melbourne, regardless of the brand you own. At IAV, we offer top-notch turntables repairs services in Melbourne along with parts replacements for Pro-Ject, Rega, Linn Sondek, Thorens, Philips, Rotel, Connoisseur, and other popular, well-known brands.Our goal at IAV is to offer the best quality services with viable solutions at honest and value-for-money pricing.

We have built our reputation on being no-nonsense repairs professionals offering enduring and quick turntables and Turntables repairs services in Melbourne.You can speak to our friendly staff today by calling us at +61 393174040 to discuss your Turntables/turntables repairs and servicing needs in Melbourne.


How do you fix a broken record player?

There are various elements behind the operation of a record player. When simple tweaking doesn’t fix your problem, you’ll need professional help to fix a broken record player. IAV offers exceptional record player repairs and services in Melbourne, including replacing drive belts, stylus, and more.

Servicing a turntable is a nuanced job and requires the expertise of a professional to do so. At IAV, we make sure to completely service a turntable by cleaning, checking and adjusting all the necessary parts and providing complete lubrication to moving parts. In addition, we can source and fit many brands of turntables.

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