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Refurbished Sales

At Impulse Audio Visual, our expert TV repair specialists will solve any TV issue in no time. Our team repair and refurbish all types of TVs; we offer high-quality Refurbished TV across Melbourne.

If you are searching for a cost-effective Refurbished TV, call our office to see what TVs we have currently available and at great competitive pricing! If we do not have what you are after, check back with us or leave your details as we are constantly restocking, so chances are we may get one soon.

TV models are constantly being updated. The bonus is in the pricing of these televisions, as you could walk away with top-of-the-line televisions with the latest in specifications. Pre-Owned televisions or Factory Refurbished TV sets have been checked thoroughly before being put on the market for sale. We assure you that the television is factory refurbished only using genuine manufacturer parts, has a one-month warranty, and is sold to you by a reputed business house. They are subject to rigorous testing procedures to ensure no issues exist and the best part is, that you would take home a television at a much-reduced price.

Based on this, Refurbished TV sets in Australia can be more reliable than brand-new televisions. We are constantly updating our stock and can even source TVs to suit your needs. At Impulse Audio Visual, we work on some of the leading brands in the world and our technicians are specialized in rectifying any problem. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a refurbished television by calling +61393174040.

We are offering a refurbished TV sale, so if you need a TV set for your home or workspace, reach out to us.